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Laundry Detergent: Dropps

Convenience & cleanliness without compromise.

I recently received a full-size bag of Dropps Scent & Dye Free laundry detegent to try out. After the first load of soiled cloth diapers came out smelling brand new, I was impressed. After the second load, I was on their website placing an order for more Dropps because I was in LOVE!

Dropps is an all natural vegetable based laundry detergent with no synthetics. Although I was a bit skeptical due to lack of ingredient labeling on their products, I was able to correspond with a company rep who disclosed the ingredients to me and they are completely all natural and safe. After speaking to their very friendly rep, I was also impressed at the heart behind the company, I really feel this company wants to make a difference in this world and so they get bonus points for great customer service and image too!

What's so convenient about Dropps? They are pre-measured little dissolvable bags of detergent that you literally just drop into your load of laundry and leave it be! No more spills, no more guesses, no mistakes in the midst of the sleep deprived newborn phase - just the perfect amount every time! And the cost is actually less per load than chemical laden popular brands of laundry detergent as well as other best selling natural this is one product you'll definitely want to try!