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Laundry: Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda & Oxygen Brightener (dry)

Description: The scent of clean laundry you're used to may be caused by nasty chemicals (what's the deal with that?!). So why not discover the true smell of naturally clean clothes with Nellie's Laundry Soda? It's hypoallergenic, and leaves your clothes soft, fresh, and residue free. It's also super-duper concentrated, so only one tablespoon per wash is needed, even in large loads. 100 loads

Ingredients: Sodium Silicate, Coconut oil based surfactants

Price: $18.99 US

Most of the laundry products we have reviewed are liquid-based, so I was excited to try the Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda and Oxygen Brightener. I've read so many reviews stating how well Nellie's cleaned, especially when it came to messy cloth diapers, and it was important that I tested it for myself to see if indeed the claims were true.

This dry detergent cleans quite well and rinses clean, it does not leave any residue behind whatsoever. However, it cleans so well that it brings out the fragrance residues leftover from previous detergent washes, if your clothes have ever been exposed to detergents with fragrance (our testers had). 

It is scent-free, meaning that it will remove body odors from your clothing but will not deposit any new scents. Your clothes will smell like...well, just like wet fabric. If you are looking for a cloth diaper detergent and bleach alternative whitener, definitely consider this brand of products for your needs. 

They also carry "nuggets" which are pre-measured, which may have better suited me because the one complaint I had with this brand is that they do not include a measuring device. The tin cans are reusable and old-fashioned adorable, but beware, UPS is rough on them in transit and both of mine arrived badly damaged - one could barely stand upright. The company quickly offered replacement, but for review purposes, I was still able to take photographs from the front so this wasn't an issue for me. I'm just saying, if you want them for the cute tin boxes, you might want to request extra packaging materials or be prepared to file a claim with UPS.