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Jewelry: Carolyn Pollack Recycled Silver Loving Embrace Necklace

A gift from the heart.

Description: Sterling silver mother's charm birthstone pendant features a mother cradling the birthstones of her family in a loving embrace, forming a heart. Pendant is skillfully crafted to hold up to 8 dangling sterling silver set Swarovski crystal birthstone charms. Pendant measures 1 ¼” long x ¾” wide on an adjustable 18 to 22 inch long sterling silver snake chain. Charms sold separately ($3). Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Recycled Silver

Price: $40.00  $35.99 US sale  *Plus, save an additional 10% when you enter coupon ECOSAFE at checkout!

This is a beautiful silver necklace (it is white silver, though my photo looks a bit yellow - it is simply bad lighting, sorry). The pendant is a mother and her arms form a large heart, on which are the birthstones of her children dangling from her heart. It is very well made and is absolutely the perfect gift for any mother or grandmother. Not only does it make you feel all sentimental and proud while wearing can feel good knowing that the planet and people were not harmed in the making of this recycled, fair labor piece.

Carolyn Pollack Jewelry uses recycled silver and gold to create their jewelry right here in the USA! This saves the planet from further mining, transportation, and associated pollution. Not only that, but you are helping Americans to work and keep their jobs by creating these beautiful pieces - basically a great product all around!