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Laundry: EcoNuts

After over 30 washes in 1 week (yes, that's right...we have a large family with a newborn), I can confidently say Eco Nuts work amazingly well to get your clothing clean without using anything else in your washing machine. The photo above shows them just before I tossed them out, and to be honest, they were not even used up when I tossed them out but we were done traveling and I didn't have anywhere to store the wet bag of nuts on our trip home.

First and foremost, I have to say that these nuts removed baby poop, unrinsed, from clothing. They also removed all odors from clothing, even some pretty stinky sweat. However, they did NOT remove the yellow coloring of the baby poop so be sure to grab a bar of pure castile soap to remove the poop stains before throwing in a white onesie stained with newborn poop. Okay....enough about poop (sorry, I'm a mom and that's what I deal in).

These offer an amazing value when compared to traditional or even eco-friendly detergents, in fact, these are cheaper than those cheap petrochemical detergents because this trial size box (which erroroneously states it will last 6-10 loads when indeed the company acknowledges it lasts well over 30 in most cases) is only $4! Most households will only need one trial box per month to handle all of their laundry needs.

How do you know when they've been used up? Just run the bag under water and squeeze, if no bubbles appear at all, then the "soap" is gone and they need to be discarded and replaced!

Eco Nuts has an exclusive partnership to purchase these specific nuts which are larger than any others on the market, which means you receive more washes per nut than any other brand! The photos below show the nuts prior to use.