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Gifts: 100% Recycled Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap

If you're looking for eco-friendly gift wrap and holiday card options, we've found the first place Santa needs to shop this holiday season, EndoPrint!


  • 100% post-consumer recycled
  • Soy-based ink
  • FSC-certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Printed using wind power
  • Shipped in reused packaging & boxes!
We received several sheets of their recycled gift wrap ($3.98) and were really pleased with the product! First of all, it is thick, very similar to the thickness of butcher paper. Secondly, the patterns and prints are FABULOUSLY stylish! The photo above shows a large box I wrapped with a sheet of their Candy Cane Snowflakes pattern. Thirdly, the size of the sheet is large enough to cover most sizes of gifts. If you are going to be wrapping a large shirt box, you will need one complete sheet...but if you plan to wrap several smaller gifts, you can easily use one sheet! As a rule of thumb, I would recommend buying 1 sheet per gift you plan to wrap - these papers are so nice that you'll find a purpose for them if you have leftover scraps.

On top of the gift wrap sheets, EndoPrint sent us a great selection of their greeting cards ($15). These are cards of substance, both in design and quality. Once again, they are created of a nice weight cardstock - not flimsy like you will find in the stores these days - and their colors are so bright and vivid! I'd describe their graphics as "stunning" because they truly are just so much better than anything I've seen on store shelves in years! Definitely worth checking out their selection for not only your holiday greeting card needs, but for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It never hurts to have a selection of cards on hand for those almost forgotten until the last minute occasions!