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Baby: Striped Romper & Aviator Cap from Positively Organic

Fair Trade. Certified Organic. 
"Friendly to the planet AND the people who make them!"

If bright, bold, and comfy are your style...then buying Positively Organic baby clothing will not only clothe your baby, but also make a difference in the world in which he lives!

Positively Organic uses hand picked, ring spun cotton that is grown in India and certified organic. They then use low-impact dyes which are free of heavy metals and nickel-free snaps, meaning their clothing doesn't irritate even the most sensitive of skin.

We received this beautifully made Striped Romper ($32) with matching Aviator Cap ($18) for Baby Bear to wear! First, let me just say that the colors are absolutely vibrant and do NOT fade, even on the first wash. It is a nice cotton knit that is lightweight and would work best in mild climates. At this point I have to comment, I really wish they had a version of this romper which was lined in fleece (like the matching aviator cap, which is lined in fleece) -- I would buy it in a heartbeat simply for the style and warmth! *crossing my fingers*

The sizing does run a bit smaller than most brands, so I would recommend ordering the next size larger than your child is currently in. Baby Bear is 7 months old and wearing 12 month size, however this 12-18 month size romper barely fits him for total length and is tight in both the waist and torso length. Overall, as far as fit goes, this romper fits snugly and would work well for sleep or play!

The matching Aviator Cap is beyond adorable...seriously...this is a must-have item for ANY baby or toddler. It features an outer organic cotton knit print but on the inside is where the true gem lies, it is completely lined in super duper soft organic fleece! Why is this hat better than others out there? It has an advantage over crocheted and hand knit hats in that it is solid, no wind is going to enter in through the small holes. It isn't synthetic fleece like many others you will find, which are just woven threads of petroleum plastic on your child's head. And you are not only buying what's best for your child and the planet, but for the people who created the's a full circle of positive karma goodness!

Bottom line:  Even if money is tight, your baby needs to have adequate protection from the cold this winter...and this is your baby's must-have splurge item!