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Air Freshener: Simple Spritz Holiday Trio from Anuera

If you're craving cozy scents of the season to warm your home for the holidays, I've found the PERFECT set for you! Crafted of only the finest essential oils...absolutely NO synthetics or added chemicals!

Anuera welcomes in a new era of holiday air fresheners with their new Simple Spritz Holiday Trio ($10)!  No, that is not a typo...and for a limited time only, they also offer FREE SHIPPING...hurry, grab them while you can because these are honestly the best holiday scented air fresheners my nose has come across!!!

This holiday trio consists of:

  • Winter Holiday - this is my personal favorite; it smells just like a fresh cut Christmas tree...I think it'll work out perfectly as a refresher spray around our tree throughout December! 2 oz
  • Peppermint Forest  - if you were walking through the peppermint forest in Candyland, surrounded by candy canes, this is how it would is really refreshing and appetizing! 2 oz
  • Orange Spice - perfectly spiced like fresh cloves poked into a ripe orange and hung from the tree (pomander)...if you like sweet 'n spicy, this is the scent you'll want to spritz all over your kitchen! 2 oz
At the time of posting, this special holiday gift set trio is currently unlisted on their website. However, if you wish to order it, please use the contact form on the Anuera website to request an invoice.