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Toys: Wooden Puzzles by ImagiPLAY

It's art, it's a play set, it's a puzzle! 
The incredible 3-in-1 eco-toy!

Description: A playset and puzzle in one! Kids will engage in hours of imaginative play with the creatures of the past, then challenge the other side of their brain piecing the puzzle together. Made from rubberwood, an earth friendly hardwood, this versatile 13pc plaything is sure to delight while sparking curiosity about dinosaurs. Approx. 8" square assembled

Ingredients: This puzzle is made from rubberwood, an environmentally-friendly hardwood. Rubber trees are farmed for their sap, which is used to make rubber products. Once the trees are harvested, heir beautiful hardwood is used to craft these heirloom toys.

Price:  $12.99 sale (reg. $19.99) + free shipping on Amazon Prime


This puzzle from ImagiPLAY has been very well received amongst our children! Not only does Big Bear enjoy putting the puzzle together, but Little Bear enjoys taking it apart and playing with the dinosaur pieces like a play set. 

It is one of those toys that adjusts difficulty and grows with the child -- it serves multiple developmental purposes, from stimulating their imagination to problem solving. As an adult, I've found that it helps me to think outside the box while putting it together - afterall, none of the dinosaurs are facing the same direction - it is far from your typical puzzle! In fact, I would argue that it is a child's version of optical illusions, such as the great Escher works. 

And yet another cool design benefit is that you can sit the entire puzzle upright and it becomes a colorful work of art on their bookshelf or dresser!  The wood and paint quality far exceed those of the leading Miss & Doogie brand [names changed, but I'm sure you can figure it out], which are all made in China from various woods sourced from all over the world and transported -- can we say, excessive pollution? 

ImagiPLAY uses rubberwood trees grown in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, where the toys are locally created where the wood was harvested!  And get this, the majority of their workers walks or ride bikes to work -- reducing the pollution associated with the production of these toys even more! Quite simply put, we're looking forward to many years of play from these very well made puzzles.