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Pets: Yummy Treats from Three Mutts Bakery

If you're looking for treats for your favorite furry, look no further than Three Mutts Bakery! Featuring simple "cookies" made from organic and natural ingredients, available in a variety of flavors and sizes to suit even the pickiest of pups! Pricing is very affordable at $5 per 1/2 lb of treats!

For our review, Avalon (shown above) was happy to oblige in testing these tasty treats! Here is what Avalon's owner has to say about these "cookies":

"I am very careful about what I let her eat, she eats an all natural dog food that doesn't have any artificial flavor, colors, preservatives and fillers that she might have an allergic reaction to, and it's important to me that even though it's not the main part of her diet that when she does get treats, they are good for her.  I love the fact that Three Mutts has a treat that is good for her and she LOVES the taste. All I have to do is ask her if she wants 'a cookie' and her head cocks to the side and her tail starts wagging!"
All ingredients are listed on their website and are easy to read, for example, Avalon's favorite (Dexter's Delight flavor) consists of: Organic peanut butter, vanilla, applesauce, oats, peanuts, eggs, whole wheat flour

And if you enjoy cooking or are looking for a great gift for an animal lover, check out the Three Mutts Bakery recipe book ($10)!