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Oral Care: Weleda Tooth Gel

Milk breath no more...

Description: Newly forming teeth and gums get soothing care from this tooth gel. It’s a gently effective gel specifically formulated to give the kindest treatment to your little one’s pearly white baby teeth. Natural silica gently cleanses while the soothing properties of Biodynamic® and organic calendula flower extract pacify tender gums. Developed in cooperation with European dentists, this fluoride-free formula thoroughly cleans your child’s entire mouth and is safe to swallow. The mild flavors of spearmint and organic fennel help encourage your child’s good dental hygiene to last a lifetime. Clean, white baby teeth, naturally soothed gums and fresh, minty breath—that’s something for both of you to smile about.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Silica, Algin, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Oil, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil, Esculin, Limonene

EWG RATING:  (1-3) Conflicted rating: read details below 

Price: $7 US
This toothpaste has become a favorite in our household. It not only cleans the children's teeth, but it is a great fluoride-free alternative for adults with sensitivities as well. The flavor is minty yet mild. The texture is smooth, as this is a gel, not paste as most people are used to. It effectively cleans and polishes teeth, freshening breath, and making those pearly whites smile big! 

I would like to address the EWG rating given to this product, as all ingredients rate as very safe except one, limonene. Due to this single ingredient rating, the product's overall rating is increased from 1 to 3 (safe to moderately safe). Due to the automated nature of the EWG ingredient database, this particular product is unfairly rated. 

Limonene is a natural chemical found in citrus essentials oils such as lemon and orange (within the rind/skin. It is what gives them their heavy citrus scent. This ingredient is only present in this product in the tiniest amount in this product found within the essential oils, as evidenced by not only the ingredient list (the higher the quantity of an ingredient, the sooner on the list it appears), but also in that this product does not have any citrus scent whatsoever. To address this issue, I would like to point out the following:

Limonene is a naturally occurring component of the organic essential oils in the formula. It is not required to be listed, as it is not an added ingredient; however, it is listed only to comply with European labeling regulations.
Please realize that EWG provides great information for those looking for a generalized recommendation for products, however, there are many instances in which further research into the particular products and origin of the ingredients reveals a safer rating than EWG's automated database lists. While it is always better to be safe than sorry, this is one product in which a flawed rating by an automated system misleads consumers and it's important to point out that this should not be a concern for this particular product. With this said, here is a link to the EWG report for this product: Click here to read EWG report