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Art-inspired, Stainless Steel Bottles from Earthlust

Hydration with style.

Description: All bottles are custom designs - not stock bottles - mostly limited edition - new art is always arriving! Each bottle comes with a high quality carabineer (hook to attach to belt loop, backpack, or bag strap). Optional sports tops are available for all sizes.

Ingredients: Stainless steel (18/8), non-toxic paints, BPA-free polypropylene caps

Available sizes: 16 oz, 20 oz, 1 liter
Prices: $16/ 18/ $21 US
These days, everywhere you look, there is a reusable water bottle on the shelf at the store. Most people assume the toughest decision they need to consider when buying one is the price and what pattern they want. The problem is, they are NOT all created equally as far as quality and materials go. In fact, many are coated with plastic (no, you cannot tell just by looking at them), decorated with likely toxic paints, and most people cannot tell the difference between aluminum, stainless steel, or other mixed metals. The problem with this being that there are safety and contamination concerns with many mined metals. Case in point, you are likely going to be using this item quite often and you don't want to be drinking tainted water.

Earthlust is a well-known and trusted company that not only supplies uncoated, high quality stainless steel bottles, but they are stylish as well! You can effectively have your cake and eat it too (or drink it)! For our review, we stored away our beloved Kleen Kanteens and used Earthlust's 20 oz bottle in green parsley (shown) for two weeks. Immediately, we noticed several key benefits to the Earthlust bottle:

  • Earthlust 20 oz bottles are tall and skinny! This means they easily fit into standard cupholders where many other brands of reusable bottles do not!
  • The cap doesn't have any hidden internal ridges, so it's much easier than other brands to clean and it doesn't collect dirty water/particles in the dishwasher!
  • With the included clip, it never got left behind because it was attached to the diaper bag, purse, backpack, or belt loop always!

On top of the differences mentioned above, we also found that the Earthlust bottles do not dent as easily as most others we have tested,  the external paint coating does not chip easily, and the artsy design really is appealing. You can display your personality and mood by selecting the best fitting water bottle for that day, much like you would accessorize with a pair of shoes or purse, you can now express yourself with your water bottle!