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Body: Argan Oil from Destiny's Boutique

Description: Pressed from the precious nuts of the argan tree, argan oil is a rare treasure known for a remarkable ability to moisturize dry or lackluster skin. Only found in rural indigenous areas of Morocco, argan oil is a true wonder for an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin E needed to maintain the hydration of the skin and protect the skin from future moisture loss. Known as one of the nature's most powerful antioxidants, argan oil helps to fight off free radicals within our environment, preventing wrinkles and reducing collagen and elastin damage as our cellular turnover rate decreases with age. Argan oil is also great for crash course pedicure helping to soften dry cuticles almost instantly. Destiny Boutique's raw and unrefined argan oil is bottled in the United States from cold pressed, certified organic and fair traded oil harvested by the women UCFA cooperatives.

Ingredients: argania spinosa (argan oil)

Price: $29 US

Scent: The scent is very similar to licorice root and strong. Destiny's Boutique offers various essential oil blended argan oils, however the one we reviewed was pure and unmixed.

Size: 2 oz bottle, it only takes one pump per every several inches of skin - with daily whole body use, I expect one bottle would last me approximately 2 months.

Best uses/recommendations: I am very pleased with the hydration power of this argan oil! It goes on as any oil, but I found that it soaked in quickly to my skin, leaving it soft and smooth within minutes. I found it especially useful for stretchmarks and dry patches around my heels and nails. An added brag right to this product is the fact that it comes from a biodome, which just makes it that much more interesting to talk to friends about! It can be used on your face, your feet, your tummy, your tush, anywhere you want to smooth the skin out!

Vegan: Yes

Organic: Yes

Fair Trade: Yes

Raw: Yes

Safe for all ages

Pregnancy/Lactation friendly