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Clothing: Dye-free Organic Crochet Baby Hats

Warmth. Comfort. Eco-kindness. Exquisite design.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton, dye-free

Available Designs: bear, dinosaur, lamb, acorn, flower

Price:  $54.99 US $39.99 sale (limited time only)

Each and every hat is hand-created with the greatest of love and care, with both the environment and your little ones' comfort in mind! Special varieties of 100% organically grown cotton are used, naturally providing gentle shades of green and tan without the use of dyes. These hats are crocheted in Peru, near to where the cotton is harvested - further reducing the environmental impact of transport.

The sizing is a little larger than American counterparts, thus I would recommend you purchase by age instead of typical sizing. The photo shows our 6 month old tester in the 6-12 month size, and as you can see, this hat has plenty of room for growth.

As for the warmth, I believe this will easily provide enough warmth for winter exposure. Afterall, a baby is usually not outside for long in below-freezing temperatures. However, if you wanted to ensure extra warmth, a simple thin cotton knit cap would easily assist in this effort - making this particular hat readily useful for three seasons.

The crochet pattern varies from the resemblance of a sequoia pine cone on the main body, to a tightly woven knit on the collared border. The delicate oak leaves resting atop the acorn are securely fixed in place, though they appear as if they could simply blow along with the tranquil Autumn breeze. To top it all off, a small stem protrudes from the top of your little one's head...completing the look.

The cotton used is not only organically grown and responsibly processed, but it is luxuriously soft and supple to the touch. It truly is one of the highest quality children's hats I have come across. If you are interested in a quality accessory for your child that will actually be used, this is it!