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Update: Archive deletion, Facebook recovery

Good news! As many of your know, last week our facebook page was accidentally deleted through a Facebook error. Several organizations and pages have been recently affected by similar deletions, including the well known page against the BP oil spill. Today, our page was successfully recovered and is functioning again!

In anticipation of permanent loss of the facebook page, we had begun a "new" facebook page (ecoSAFE Reviews) which quickly gained popularity with over 100 fans in less than 72 hours. Since our original ecoSAFE facebook page has now been recovered, we are transitioning back to posting only on our original page. To subscribe to our page via your facebook newsfeed, just click the "like" button on the right side of our blog homepage and sign into your facebook account!

Another tech-whoops we experienced this year, along with many other unfortunate bloggers, was the deletion of our blog archives via Blogger. Sadly, this is a permanent deletion and there is no way to recover our years of review posts. An important lesson on independently backing up files has been learned. As time allows, we will be re-writing reviews for those products which were previously featured and lost in the archive deletion. If your company's product was previously featured but the review has been lost and you would like us to review it again, please contact us!

In addition to the notable changes mentioned above, we have added new features such as Google Friend Connect and Twitter to make it easier for you to stay atop new blog posts! Please subscribe via the link on the lower right side of our homepage. Thank you to all of our loyal fans through the years, we wouldn't be here without you! 

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