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Bath: Divine Response Shampoo & Conditioner

Looking to create a high-end spa experience at home? Rejuvenate with Divine Response!

Herbal shampoo brings to mind a series of commercials made popular back in the 1990's for a certain brand  that induces orgasmic reactions amongst users in the shower. While it's unrealistic to believe this can actually happen from rubbing products on your hair, Divine Response will certainly take you close to follicular ecstasy!

By utilizing the right products, now you too can have the equivalent of a high-end spa experience right in your very own home! Divine Response haircare products provide beneficial nourishment to the hair and skin while arousing the senses and providing rejuvenation for the soul. 

As a mother of three young children, "me" time only exists in theory most days. Rarely am I alone in bed, in the bathroom, anywhere. However, one evening a week, I afford myself 30 minutes of "me" time, during which I generally pour a warm bath, soak, and relax to soft music. I've found several items help me to create the most enjoyment, relaxation, and renewal during this time: candlelight, a fluffy bath towel, bath salts, facial products (yes, my facial occurs in the bath), and most importantly, the right shampoo & conditioner to set the mood. What you put on your hair is so important not only for the end results, but for the experience - what it gives to you while it works. I've found that the right products applied to the scalp, ease tension, lift my spirits, and give me a second wind of energy when I least expect it. Here are two of the products I'm currently using to create my spa experience at home:

Divine Response Soothing Suds Shampoo is full of wholesome herbal goodness! This gentle hair cleanser moisturizes while it cleans even the most delicate, fine, and color-treated hair. It provides a light lather, leaving some beneficial oils on the scalp; for a squeaky clean with all oils removed (which is not recommended but is preferred by some on occasion), simply wash twice and your hair will literally "squeak and shine"! One small drop goes a long way...above all, the scent truly is an experience of it's own. Comprised of herbal extracts, the blend creates a peaceful, calming feeling.

Divine Response Mint Conditioner brings beautiful visualizations to mind...walking through a minty forest, with each step I take, the lush green mint growing below my toes gives off an inviting scent that wafts up to my nose. This is the conditioner that makes me daydream! This is the first time I've seen a haircare product's label that reads "inhale deeply" and there is good reason for this, mint is known for it's refreshing properties, inciting energy, healing, and removing pain. You can feel the mint penetrating the scalp, coating every hair with moisture, providing healing while it softens. I can't say enough praises, it is truly something one must feel on their own to be able to understand how powerful it is. It creates such a nice atmosphere that I want to use it all the time, over and over again...I have been completely spoiled!! 

One last thing I want to mention is that Divine Response has taught me something important about hair care. For many years I've heard it mentioned that you should always rinse your hair with cool water, but no one was ever able to provide a valid reason as to why it is done that way. In fact, the times I tried to do this, I ended up shivering in the shower and tangled mess of stringy hair that could not be combed. On the Divine Response Mint Conditioner bottle, it states that a cool rinse will close the follicles to help seal in the moisture - a very old light bulb in my head finally went on! My hair is so much softer now due to this step and this product - I'm so very thankful to have found this brand and looking forward to increasing my "me" time in the bath aka my "spa"!

Are you ready for your "spa" treatment?

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