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Body: Essential Body Cream by Anuera

Description: Super moisturizers soften skin while infusing powerful essential oils into every cell of your body. An aromatic delight! Available in many essential oil blended scents. 4 oz. FREE samples available by request.

Ingredients: Distilled water, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, essential oil blend.

Nut-free Ingredients: yes

Price:  $10
I was intrigued by the claim that Anuera's Essential Body Cream "Corbin's Blend" promotes calmness, clarity and focus. I did find the scent soothing and found that the cream worked well to moisturize my hands - although we haven't yet hit my driest season so I'm now sure how well it would work on a seriously dry skin. I was happy though with the overall feel of the cream - it doesn't leave my hands / skin feeling too oily afterwards.

I also tried giving my daughter a little on her hands when she was being fussy one afternoon - and noticed immediate results - however, I can't help but wonder if this is psyschosomatic. My daughter might have calmed down because of the extra attention or simple curiosity about why I was applying the cream to her hands at all. And since I'd read it had a calming effect, I couldn't help but look for one. Plus, it's relaxing to apply a lotion in general sometimes, especially with one with a nice scent.

That said, it's eco-friendly, smells nice, doesn't leave my skin feeling oily and gross and seems to moisturize well. So the calming effect is surely just a fringe benefit anyway. A 4 oz jar will run you $10 but the 2 oz. sample jar I received will surely last me awhile as a little seems to go a long way (although if you were using it regularly over your entire body, you might go through it more quickly) so as a hand cream I find it worth the money.

This review was written by Jen, an ecoSAFE guest tester.