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Perfume: Peace Herbals Balm Trio

Harmoniously blended by a professional herbalist, these essential oil trios offer a variety of unique scents.

One of the most difficult natural products to find is perfume, or body fragrance. In fact, if you pick up just about any bottle off a shelf at the store, you will find the word "fragrance" in the ingredient list. Hidden within this term are a multitude of potentially dangerous or known toxic chemicals, which by law, are not required to be disclosed to the consumer. This little loophole allows for manufacturers to put whatever nasty little secrets they would like into the "fragrance" and not have to tell you anything because it is considered "proprietary" a.k.a. a trade secret.

Peace Herbals is a wonderfully quaint company located in southern CA, specializing in blended essential oil products which not only enhance your physical beauty, but make you feel great at the same time! For our review, we tried out the Peace Herbals Lavender-Violet-Vanilla trio. Each essential oil is blended into a balm medium in a small metal tin, thus the trio comes with three small tins. I really enjoyed being able to blend them to create different scents for different moods; violet for an energy boost, lavender to calm down for romance, and vanilla made me feel cozy & warm! Depending on how I wanted to affect my mood, I would add a little bit more of one than the others, or sometimes I just wore one!

With daily use, this balm trio lasted several months (and surprisingly, the oils did not turn rancid when stored at room temperature). Although it may take a few weeks to receive an order, as each is made on demand by hand, it arrives fresh and definitely did not disappoint!