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Aromatherapy: Ruby Blaise Mists for Pets & People

On a mission to make the world less toxic, Ruby Blaise blends each and every bottle "by hand with lots of love"!

The transition from a bug-free paradise to mosquito-filled town is not an easy one, especially when you enjoy the great outdoors! We wanted something natural and found Ruby Blaise's "Buzz Off Bug" mist -- it has worked marvelously, even in July on the youngest of children! Blended essential oils of cedarwood, clary sage, eucalyptus, and lavender repels bugs while soothing itchy skin, safe for humans and man's best friends!

My personal favorite for aromatherapy purposes is the Ruby Blaise "Stress-Free" mist! A subtly scented, calming mist of clary sage, lavender, and lemon, takes the tension out and helps to create a sense of balance. This has helped immeasurably to lift my spirits postpartum! One bottle lasts approximately 6 months with a daily spritz.