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Baby: Pacifier Animals from Wubbanub

BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free! 
Assists in self-soothing for babies, sleep for tired parents!

Imagine this. You are a new parent, sleep-deprived, longing to soothe your baby, hoping to just get a moment of rest. You finally realize the pacifier is your only friend at 3 a.m. but in your greatest time of need, in the dark, you grasp, grope, and reach for your ever-elusive buddy (much like one of those amusing claw machines that picks up stuffed toys) to no avail. You now have 2 options: turn on the light to locate it OR continue to try to soothe the baby by humming, rocking, and snuggling through the night. This is where the Wubbanub comes in and saves the night (and your sanity)! 

The Wubbanub provides just the right amount of weight to keep the pacifier nearby when it pops out of baby's mouth! Filled with non-toxic and recyclable PE (polyethylene) pellets, each fabric animal is securely attached to a silicone Soothie brand pacifier, the #1 choice of hospitals in the USA. Not only does this make it easier to find the pacifier in the dark, but also helps the baby to develop grasping skills and allows them more freedom to insert the pacifier into their own mouths thereby increasing self-soothing techniques at an early age!

For our review, Wubbanub provided us with a Brown Puppy pacifier (shown in photo). Our 4 month old baby quickly grabbed for the pacifier and inserted it into his own mouth -- we were shocked in the best of ways. He continued to hold the pacifier like it was his best friend. Thus, the Wubbanub passed the first essential test for our review.

Next, we wanted to ensure this product was safe by literally putting it through the wringer! We washed by hand, sanitized the pacifier by dunking it in boiling water, and even threw the whole thing in the washing machine with the laundry. It survived! Although the puppy is beginning to show some signs of balling of the fabric, it reminds me of the way a well-loved blankie starts to look when you know it is greatly loved by a child! The seams are all intact, despite pulling and tugging, and no, the pacifier has not come loose from the dog. The Wubbanub not only provides a solution for parents, but really aids in helping your child to become self-sufficient. This mommy is very happy with this fact, if you are looking for a baby gift, this is a useful (and super cute) one-size-fits-all option!  

UPDATE: We are now the proud owners of several Wubbanub animals, including the frog and monkey! They are absolutely indispensable, EVERY baby should have one!