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ReTAP Reusable Glass Bottles

ReTAP Reusable Bottles by BuyGreen.Com

DID YOU KNOW . . . Americans lead the world in consumption of single-use plastic water bottles, purchasing an astounding 29 BILLION per year? This requires 17 MILLION barrels of crude oil annually for manufacturing, which equates to the fuel needed to keep 1 MILLION vehicles on the go for 12 MONTHS! In fact, if you filled up 1/4 of your plastic water bottle with oil, you'd be looking at the amount of oil used to produce that bottle. With these incredible statistics in mind, ReTAP set their minds on designing a reusable bottle specifically to be used for drinking tap water.

ReTAP reusable glass bottles are designed with safety, convenience, and sustainability in mind. The sleek design is smooth, allowing for ease of cleaning without any nooks or crannies where germs can hide to multiply. Dishwasher safe. Featuring a snug-fitting silicone cap, available in a rainbow of colors, the bottle won't leak, even upside-down. Spill-proof. ReTAP bottles are made from borosilicate glass, which is best known for being lightweight yet shatter-resistant. In other words, this is a reusable glass bottle that won't break easily. Durable. 

Now let's think everyday use and how could using a glass bottle impact you and your health. Health impact. Let's say you want to drink more than just water. How about some tomato juice or lemonade? The bad news is that both are acidic and eat away at plastic (think of the spaghetti sauce leftovers that "stained" the plastic they were stored in). What actually happened is that little bits of the plastic leached into your food because of the acidity of the tomato sauce. Essentially, you had a side of plastic with your leftover spaghetti. The same concept applies to beverages in plastic bottles AND metal reusable bottles that are lined with plastic. Keep in mind, most companies who produce reusable metal bottles don't advertise the plastic lining their metal bottles and simply label it BPA-FREE. Or maybe you'd like to transport your hot tea or coffee? Heat causes many chemicals to leach from other bottles, but this isn't the case with glass. Microwave-safe.

The advantages of using glass versus metal or plastic reusable water bottles are numerous. Glass is an inert material, meaning it doesn't react chemically with other substances. This is why scientists use glass beakers and test tubes in their experiments. The benefit to using glass over other materials is that you will be drinking exactly what you expect - there won't be any foreign chemicals or substances leaching into your beverage from the bottle. NON-LEACHING. Another benefit is the ease and availability of glass recycling facilities. Glass is the easiest material to recycle, followed by aluminum. Stainless steel and plastic require more intensive recycling processes which lead to increased pollution and increased use of resources. EASY TO RECYCLE. Nearly all municipalities are capable of recycling glass whereas availability for recycling of metals and plastics vary greatly from city to city. 

ReTAP bottles are available in 3 sizes. And for those of you who are all about making a statement with your style, there are 10 colors of silicone caps you can mix and match to suit your mood! If you're more of a sipper than gulper, team up your ReTAP reusable glass bottle with a glass drinking straw from GlassDharma. One last tip for those giving glass a shot for the first time, mineral deposits from tap water can appear over time when using glass reusable bottles. To prevent this, fill your dishwasher rinse aid compartment with white vinegar or soak the bottle in white vinegar every couple of weeks to remove the deposits. Happy hydrating!