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NEWS: Developments in Recycling

Recycling is a well-known and frequently used word and topic of conversation amongst most modern families. The reality is that most of us have grown too comfortable with the topic, settling into our own comfortable recycling habits despite new information continually surfacing on the horizon. Reignite your passion and renew your commitment to conserve resources through exploring the following fun facts from recent developments in recycling!

Recycling on the corporate level provides companies with a more positive public image which helps them sell products while simultaneously supporting the environment and local communities. Nike has taken this fact to heart by establishing the Reuse-A-Shoe program which turns scraps of old rubber into safety equipment for children's playgrounds and coatings for athletic courts or tracks. Your old favorite sneakers can now be given a second chance to make a difference in the world!

Love donating to charity? Your recycling routine can also contribute to charities. Old keys often end up in junk drawers or cluttering key chains. De-clutter your life by donating unused keys to Keys for Kindness. The proceeds from this recycling program are donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society in New York.

Did you know that cosmetics are a significant source of pollution in our landfills and water supply? If you are cleaning out your makeup bag and find half-empty compacts or ruined lipsticks, consider recycling those containers. Origins retail stores accepts all empty makeup containers, regardless of the brand. They also offer free samples of their organic skin care products in return for the empty cosmetic containers!
A few more fun facts...recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your television for two hours or a computer for three hours. Americans throw away 25 MILLION plastic bottles every HOUR.

There are always new ways to improve our recycling habits and encourage conservation of resources! These are just a few examples of how businesses and individuals can work to tackle the giant issue of waste by focusing on small steps. Every decision to recycle is a step in the right direction, and even small gestures can have a huge impact. Just remember, every little bit counts!

By Sophia Evans, Guest Contributor