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Zomsters: Apparel with Earthy Personality

Zomsters is a US-based, mommy-owned company that specializes in unique clothing and art for children! Each item is created utilizing earth-friendly materials and processes including organic cottons, azo-free dyes, and recycled/reusable materials.

"Each Zomsters design has a unique touch of individuality, just like the little Zomsters wearing them! Not only do [the] designs make you smile, Zomsters is also designed to help create making small changes in our lives we can make big differences in helping our planet." We certainly admire their mission of creating awareness through responsible consumer products! You can read more about their eco-friendly efforts as a company by clicking here.

Before we dive into the actual product review, we want to share a reminder on our strict testing standards! Since so many times, reviews are not down over time proper testing in real life conditions (i.e. toddlers with food, playing in the mud, and washing their favorite tee for the 10th time today), many reviews on the web lead to severely disappointed consumers. Why? Because the products don't hold up as well on the 80th wash as they did on the first 2! Here at ecoSAFE, we strive to give you the more accurate review of eco-friendly products so that you will have reasonable expectations as to a product's performance in your home. Although doing it this way is incredibly time-intensive (and companies aren't also so keen on waiting months to have their review published), we feel this is the only way to honestly and wholeheartedly stamp our seal of approval on it. Now, on with the show!

The Zomsters tee is a very cute thing indeed! It is sure to make your lil' monster the cutest on your street! With bright, vivid colors and unique imagery, each tee is lovingly crafted with charm in mind. After many, many washes (to the tune of 2 months worth), the tee is slightly faded but still retains it's appeal. The print screened design did not peel or otherwise deteriorate, even with ample dryer time. We did notice that the shirts do tend to run small in comparison with other brands and would recommend, especially since they are cotton, that you buy up one size for immediate wear!

Case in point, these little shirts have lots of personality in a small punch with oodles of eco-friendliness dripping out the seams!!! Check them out!!!