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Electric Aromatherapy Tart Diffuser: H2O At Home

For several weeks now, we've had the pleasure to try the H20 At Home warmer and essential oil pebble packs to test for this review. It was presented to us as a natural alternative to "Scentsy" products, seeing as H20 At Home only uses essential plant-based oils rather than synthetic fragrances in their scents.

After many uses, we are happy to report that this is indeed a product to consider when scenting your home naturally. While we still believe that a cold diffuser offers the best in the way of aromatherapy delivery, this electric warmer model does strongly scent a large room within approximately 15-20 minutes.

Please note that the warmer should not be used for more than 3 hours consecutively in order to maintain the essential oils; if you leave it on for too long, they put off an unappealing burnt smell. An automatic timer with shutoff after 3 hours is something we'd like to see incorporated into this product's design. On the bright side, the convenient on/off switch located on the cord allows you to put the warmer in places where outlets are not readily accessible.

How long does it last? We have found that a single pebble will last for several uses with no particular care required between uses - it can simply be left at room temperature in the warmer. A single pebble is approximately the size of a quarter and about the thickness of 2 stacked quarters.

What's inside the warmer? According to the CEO of the company, there is a small LED light equal to approximately 10 watts, which is used to produce just enough heat to warm the pebbles and release the essential oil scents from the wax.

Our favorite scent? Midnight Dream. It is a lovely combination of softness and strength, it absolutely sets the mood for relaxation - think candlelit bath in the moonlight!

How much and where to buy? Until November 30th, 2011, you can purchase this warmer with any pebble pack of your choice for $39 US. The item # for this special sale combo is 112002 and can be located through the search option on the company's website or by clicking on the promotions menu from the shop link below. Plus, every order placed from the below link will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to H20 At Home!

Don't forget: If you have children or pets that like counter-top items, put safety first and keep the warmer out of reach of any curious little (or big) ones!