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Kitchen: Smiling Planet Dinnerware

Whimsy meets Practicality.

With useful design features such as walled edges on plates and 2" deep bowls, Smiling Planet dishes offer functional appeal amidst beautiful art with a message. Their message? Respect and enjoy the planet, now and always!

Lightweight construction, perfectly sized for snack or mealtime, and environmentally responsible, Smiling Planet uses 100% recycled polypropylene (#5) plastic. All items are lead-free, pvc-free, phthalate-free, BPA-free, free of toxic inks, dishwasher safe, and fully recyclable! Made in the USA.

Our miniature testers absolutely loved the whimsical designs, they decided to devour their food faster simply to reveal the "hidden picture" below. The bowls are just the right size for little hands to hold. And although the dishes are not recommended for microwave use, surprising this did not cause a problem, as I've suddenly realized how few times we actually heat up a plate. The dishes and designs held up well through multiple washings in the dishwasher. We were very impressed with the high quality feel also, unlike some other products consisting of recycled materials, Smiling Planet offers truly high-quality that is long-lasting.

This company is proud partner of Healthy Child, Healthy World.