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Baby: Dr. Bloom's Chewable Jewels

BPA-free. Latex-free. Phthalate-free. Lead-free. PVC-free. Waterproof. Dishwasher-safe.

This company was founded by a dentist and all products are designed by Dr. Bloom, a mother, dentist, and American veteran. The combo set comes with a flexible bracelet and necklace charm, in your choice of circle or rectangle shape, on an elastic black string. Since the bracelet and charm do not arrive attached to the black elastic string in any way, you are able to greatly customize the resulting jewelry to your style {as far as length of necklace and whether to wear the bracelet on your wrist or on the necklace} and your child's preferences {do they prefer chewing on your wrist or at chest level or both}.

For our review, we tested the circular combo set in chocolate marble. The baby immediately took the teething on the set, and although he has six very strong and sharp teeth, there was no damage to the jewelry. It was very easy to keep clean, including the black elastic necklace, but I'm still undecided if I like the quick drying capability of the elastic and ability to quickly customize the length more than the safety clasp fabric necklace offered by competing companies with chewable jewelry. One concern I do have is that if this elastic becomes hooked on something, it does present a strangulation hazard as it is fastened by you with a knot; I wish Dr. Bloom provided a safety clasp to be hooked onto the black elastic as a closure with each set so after customizing length, there would be something other than a knot to create the necklace. Overall, we are enjoying the chewable bracelet and necklace set, it's convenient and cute.

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