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Baby: Calendula Stater Kit from Weleda

As a new mom, it seems like everyday brings a new and interesting crisis to solve. Add in the hormones and it's no wonder why we're all stressed out, baby-toting basketcases!

One of the ways I've found that truly helps ease the potential meltdowns of the day is good preparation. That means, before you leave the house, make sure you have planned for the worst and then added a few levels to that. For example, imagine what you'd need if your precious sweetpea decides to blow out a diaper while simultaneously pulling an exorcism a la split pea soup moment AND just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, they're stricken with a faucet for a nose -- oh, and all of this happens on an airplane, camping, or some other place where you are completely limited to stock on hand for cleanup and treatment. What to do?

No worries! Why? Because you are SUPER MOM to the rescue, you're prepared, and you've got this in the bag. You whip out your handy dandy calendula baby starter kit from your diaper bag (or purse - it's small enough) and go to work. Within minutes, you have the baby all cleaned up and you're back in business. Now, let's just go back and I'll point out that this is not a hypothetical situation -- that's right, folks, and that little kit up there was my saving grace.

The Baby Starter Kit by Weleda ($13 US) contains travel sized samples of their calendula baby line of products: baby cream, lotion, body wash/shampoo, diaper care, & calendula oil. Calendula extract is known as one of the most healing plants for the skin and using these products helps your baby's skin (and yours) heal. My favorite in this kit is the calendula oil...just one drop on a cotton swab applied to the raw, chapped, and chafed skin on the upper lip from a runny nose has healed very sore skin within a day!

I must give honorable mention to their calendula diaper care cream which cleared up a nasty diaper rash within 2 days...that was pretty amazing too! Another awesome product that I keep on hand, though it is not included in this baby starter kit, is their children's tooth gel ($7 US). It has a yummy mint flavor that freshens breath and is really good at getting rid of "stinky milk mouth" - a condition that far too many mornings are ruined by. Just a pea-sized amount of this fluoride-free gel on their fingertip or toothbrush, cleans their teeth and breath anywhere/anytime.

I'd also like to mention something pretty neat I just came across, for all you other parents out there who are always googling for info to help your kids. Weleda recently created a website just for parents and caregivers, an entire community where you can find natural parenting tips and advice! To check it out, click here!

Great products, helpful online community, check this company out!