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Kids: Booginhead 52" Round Splat Mat

Well-rounded mess protection!

Description: This unique 52″ round splatmat is placed under your child’s chair to catch spilled or dropped food. Also great for protecting against art projects. BPA and phthalate free.

Ingredients: BPA and phthalate-free plastic, fabric edging

Price: $19.99 US

If you're looking to protect your carpet from stains, whether it be from baby's dinner or your toddler's painting project, you'll need to invest in a waterproof floor mat (often called a "splat mat"). There are a few types: fabric, coated fabric, and plastic. 

The least expensive is plastic and as long as it is durable and isn't going to end up in the landfill any time soon - this is going to be the most waterproof option. While you can rinse off the plastic in the shower or outside with the hose (hang dry), the fabric and fabric coated versions can be thrown into the washer (note: coated fabric can only be put into the dryer on low). The plastic version can also be simply wiped down with a warm soapy cloth to be cleaned, then towel dried - making for a quick clean turnaround time.

The Booginhead Splat Mat is made in China of BPA-free and phthalte-free plastic. It is available in 3 designs: chocolate brown floral scrolls, light pink floral (shown above), and white with red fabric trim. The older design was 48" but their new design is 52" round, making certain that more than the immediate floor under their chair is protected! With so many holiday reviews and testing to do on children's products, this splat mat has come in handy - protecting our carpet from mineral paints, organic play dough, and plenty of snack accidents! The large, round size ensures that below and just behind their chair is covered as well (little hands like to toss behind and below). Overall, it costs about half the price of similar fabric mats and offers great coverage with easy cleaning! 

Don't forget to add a splat mat to your shopping cart this holiday season if you're buying for any child -- their parents will thank you!