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Oral Care: Toothpastes & Mouthwash from Dr. Sharp Dentistry

Have you ever wondered why there is a warning label on the back of your toothpaste? Or why your mouthwash leaves your mouth burning? You shouldn't need to memorize the number for poison control to simply clean your teeth!  Dr. Sharp offers you and your family natural products that are non-toxic (read: no warning labels needed) and are actually effective!

"Now more than ever we should be mindful of the potential damage fluoride can do to our children’s health. In a report published by Time Magazine in October 2005, 1 in every 3 American children were known to suffer from some form of dental fluorosis, a white or brown mottling of the teeth."

As a victim of fluoride poisoning as a child from unassumingly consuming toothpaste and fluoridated water on a daily basis, I had always wanted to find out just exactly what went wrong with my teeth. As I started on my quest to discover the cause of my dental fluorosis, I had no idea the knowledge I would find would change my life forever. Nor did I realize how difficult it would make finding something as simple as toothpaste!

Over the years, I have had over 26 fillings, due to no fault of my own. You see, fluoride causes pitting in healthy enamel, allowing for cavities to form quickly and reach the deepest layers of the tooth much more rapidly. I have always had excellent dental care, both professionally and at home. Every time I would go to the dentist, and I went quite often, they would ask what in the world I was eating/drinking to cause so many cavities. I was puzzled. My diet consists of fairly healthy fare, especially compared to the average western diet. They would always ask if I drank a lot of soda or juice, but the truth is, I can't stand soda and I only have maybe 3-4 cups of juice annually (I much rather prefer to get fiber with my fruit, not just sugar). It turns out, my condition is all owed to fluoride! To read more on the history of fluoride and the massive deception, I recommend checking out this book or searching "fluoride deception" on youtube for interviews and videos exposing the truth. Each person can decide what they want for themself, but at the end of the day, you must ask yourself: if there is even a possibility of poisoning, why chance it if you can avoid it? (And no one is arguing whether there is a risk or not, hence the warning label on your toothpaste!)

So what's so special about Dr. Sharp's dental products? Well, for starters, they're:
* Rated safe by EWG database (links below)
* Vegan
* Cruelty-free: not tested on animals
* Sustainably produced ingredients
* BPA-free
* Paraben-free
* SLS-free
* Alcohol-free
* Contain no artificial dyes or flavors
* Fluoride-free
* And come in recyclable packaging printed with soy ink!

I just happened to receive these samples a week before my regular dental checkup. Being postpartum with estrogen levels mimicking menopause, due to breastfeeding, my gums were a wreck - bleeding off and on, receding, just not happy campers. My teeth were starting to develop sensitive spots and I really was thinking that for being as young as I am, this was pretty ridiculous. My mouth has had thousands and thousands of dollars worth of care over the years, and no, I don't have anything cosmetic or root canals, etc. just upkeep (though admittedly excessive due to the fluoride damage).

This will sound like an informercial, but I'm being completely honest, after a week of using the Dr. Sharp green tea toothpaste (for sensitive teeth) and mouthwash, my gums were no longer bleeding and my teeth were no longer as sensitive. I went for my checkup and my dentist commented on how very little plaque I had built up on my teeth. She asked what products I had been using, I told her, and she was amazed. Between the dentist and hygienist, I must have received 5-6 compliments over and over again on my teeth. On top of that, she was surprised my gums did not bleed at all during the probing, considering this is extremely common postpartum. I'm sold. I've been using Weleda's salt toothpaste for quite a long time now, but I'll be switching to Dr. Sharp for my personal at-home use due to the results I have experienced so far.

Our children LOVE the strawberry cream toothpaste as well! In fact, they want to brush their teeth ALL DAY LONG now...but we'll save that discussion for another time - LOL!

Kids Toothpaste - Strawberry Cream
EWG Safety Rating: green/low hazard (2)

Whitening Toothpaste - Green Tea
EWG Safety Rating: green/low hazard (2)

Whitening Toothpaste - Fresh Mint
EWG Safety Rating: green/low hazard (2)

Mouthwash - Fresh Mint
EWG Safety Rating: green/low hazard (1)

Toothpaste - $11.95 US each 
Mouthwash - $12.95 US
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