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Foundation: Aubrey Organics Silken Earth

Silky skin with full coverage that lasts all day!

Having always had very dry skin, I was never too excited at the idea of putting powder on my face. Afterall, powder is only for people with oily skin, right? Wrong. Amazingly enough, Aubrey Organics has created a natural loose powder foundation that blends softly onto your skin without looking caked on. Best of all, the coverage lasts all day long, any day of the year!

Made from tapioca, rice, and silk amongst other natural ingredients, this foundation brushes on flawlessly. I had wondered as to why they chose to call it "silken earth" -- but a simple touch to my face after application leads me to the answer -- it actually makes your skin feel silky! I've also found that a little bit goes a long way, this should last at least 6-9 months with daily use.

On a final note, I must mention the yummy scent that naturally occurs with Aubrey Organics Silken Earth foundations! It reminds me of a dessert bar filled with cinnamon is absolutely delicious to smell (though I only smell it during application).